Website Development Process

Website development begins with a website design. The design provides instruction to the developer, outlining the path of the user from one web page to the next. The design will also provide the look and feel of the website’s final appearance. This must include fonts, colors, and provide instructions on how applications within the website are expected to function.

Website Development Timeline

Prior to development, a website design must be approved before any work can begin. The approved website design will be reviewed by the developer with the designer. It is important for the designer and developer to maintain communication within the website development process. After the initial design review, the developer will set an approximate timeline of tasks, or milestones, which to follow. It is common for a payment plan to follow these milestones.

MLLR NYC will begin development on a beta server. This location will be used for client review, and updates, prior to migrating to the client’s server after approval.

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